Disinfestation facilities

Type of Service DESS Units Minimum To Remarks
Be Charged
Providing one fumigation on Bag basis 1 Quintal 200 bags Rate per Quintal Rs 1/-
a) With Aluminium Phosphide
Providing one fumigation on Volume basis 100 Cu.Mtrs. 500 Cu.Mtrs. Rate per Cu. Mtrs. Rs.2/-
b) With Aluminium Phosphide
Rodent Control      
a) By fumigation of Rat burrows with Aluminium Phosphide(1 tablet per burrow) burrow 30 burrows Rate per burrow Rs 5/-
b) By Rat Glue (50 gram Glue/board) one board for each 50 Sft. 10 Boards -
Prophylactic Treatment (Spraying)      
i) Malathion 50% EC(concentration 1: 100) 3 litres of spray per 100 Sq. Mtrs. 100 Sq. Mtrs. 1000 Sq. Mtrs. Rate per 100 Sq. Mtrs Rs. 20/-
ii) D.D.V.P (concentration 1: 300) 3 litres of spray per 100 Sq. Mtrs. 100 Sq. Mtrs. 1000 Sq. Mtrs. Rate per 100 Sq. Mtrs Rs. 20/-
iii) Chlorpyriphos (concentration 1:19) 5 liters of spray per 100 Sq. Mtrs. to drench the area 100 Sq. Mtrs. 500 Sq. Mtrs. Rate per 100 Sq. Mtrs Rs. 100/-
Spraying of
a) All fruit yeilding trees with DDVP (concentration 1: 300) 5 litres per tree per tree/spray 25 trees Rate per tree/spray Rs.100/-
b) Trucks & Buses with DDVP (concentration 1: 300) 3 litres per Truck & Buses per truck, Bus/spray   Rate per truck, Bus/spray Rs. 400/-
c) Railway Coaches (concentration 1:300) 5 litres per coach per coach/spray   Rate per coach/spray Rs. 160/-
d) Cinema Theatres (concentration 1: 300) according to the area per theatre/spray   Rate per theatre/spray Rs. 950/-
  1. In case of Godowns where food grains and other agriculture produce are stored, stocks are to be sprayed with Malathion only and walls are all ways with D.D.V.P.
  2. Chlorpyriphos to be used for termite control problems in places such as Libraries, Record Rooms, Bank Vaults, etc,.
  3. Chlorpyrisphos should not be used on foodgrains and other Agriculture Produce.
  4. The above rates are not applicable for pre-building anti-termite treatment.
The above rates are applicable when the distance is within 20 KMs. If the distance is beyond 20 KMs, we may claim actual transportation charges besides DES rates as mentioned above. Further fumigation work is mostly on adhoc basis and prophylactic treatment(spraying) on annual rate contract. In case of party prefers prophylactic treatment (spraying) on Ad-hoc basis then it is suggested to quote the rates to the concerned party after taking into account the actual charges such as
  1. Cost of the insecticides.
  2. T.A./D.A. of the concerned Tech.Asst/Dusting Operator/Peon.
  3. Labour Charges.
  4. Transportation charges for equipment,paper,paste,etc.
  5. Depreciation on equipment
  6. Profit 25%.